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Інвестиційний паспорт (English version)

Geographic location and climatic conditions

The city of Pokrovsk (until 2016 Krasnoarmiysk) was founded in 1875 in connection with the construction of the Catherine Railway at the site of the Grishino port village. In 1938 the town was granted the status of a city.

Pokrovsk is a city of regional subordination, the administrative and territorial structure of which consists of the town of Rodinske and the suburb of Shevchenko.

The total area occupies 0,15% of the territory of Donetsk region and makes 39,3 square meters. km.

The population is 74.5 thousand people, 84% of the population lives in the city of Pokrovsk. Population density - 1912.6 people per 1 sq. km.


Geographic location of the city:

Pokrovsk is located in the western part of the Donetsk region, so it is called "the western gate of the Donbass".

Latitude: 48.282193

Longitude: 37.18478040000002

Surrounding areas: Lugansk, Kharkiv, Dniprovsk, Zaporizhzhya.

Transportation: The E50 M04 highway passes through the city.

Road distances:

Kyiv - 400 miles

Kramatorsk - 49 miles

Dnipro - 114 miles

Kharkiv - 261 miles

Zaporizhia - 124 miles

Minsk - 755 miles

Chisinau (Moldova) - 502 miles

Warsaw (Poland) - 886 miles

Bucharest (Romania) - 752 miles

Climatic conditions

Due to the distance of 112 miles from the sea, the climate in the city is temperate continental with insufficient humidity and arid droughts. The average annual temperature is + 46 F, the warmest month is July, and the coldest is January.

Labor potential

The city population is 74.3 thousand, which is 1.78% of the population of Donetsk region.

Women - 40,230 thousand people

Men - 34, 270 thousand people


Population Rating in Ukraine:

Kyiv - 2 884 000

Kharkiv  - 1 419 000

Odessa  - 993 120

Zaporiszhia  - 746 749

Dnipro  - 966 400

Kramatorsk - 157 175

Bakhmut  - 11 177

Kostiantynivka - 72 888

Pokrovsk - 74 501

Myrnohrad - 49 125

Dobropillya - 30 186


Average monthly salary:

On the 1/10/2018

In Ukraine  - 9218 UAH

In the Donetsk region 9998  - UAH

In Pokrovsk city  - 12108 UAH

Education and sport

Education and sport


The high school education in the city is provided by 16 general educational institutions of various types (including the Lyceum "Nadiia", educational complex, multidisciplinary gymnasium), in which 8247 students, basic vocational education is provided by 3 educational institutions.

In Pokrovsk there are 20 pre-school educational institutions with a total number of children 2860, including the education system - 17 institutions (2446 children), departmental (Public Joint Stock Company "Mine Management" Pokrovske ") - 3 institutions (414 children).

There are 2 extracurricular establishments in the city. The Young Technicians Station is among the top five out-of-school establishments in the region and Pokrovsk Educational Complex is among the best educational institutions in Ukraine.

Vocational education for young people is provided by a pedagogical school and two professional lyceums. Higher education  is provided by higher educational establishments of IV level of accreditation - Donetsk National Technical University (since November 2014 moved from Donetsk to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine) and the Pokrovsk Industrial Institute of Donetsk National Technical University.

A large sports base has been set up for organizing and conducting sports and fitness activities in the city: PICIFF "Sport for All", Metalurh Sports Complex, Rodynske Sports and Health Complex and 20 sports clubs. Children's and youth sports in the city are cultivated in the children's and youth sports school of the department of education, the Olympic sports complex "Nadiia" Foundation, the sports and recreation complex in Rodynske, the sports club "Metallurg" in the departments of regional children's and youth sports schools, city sports children's and youth clubs. Almost 13,000 people are engaged in mugs and sections in various directions.


Road length of roads, approximately: 116 miles
Number of bus stations: 1

Railway length: 47 miles
Number of stations : 1


Culture and tourism


Institutions of culture and art:

Pokrovsk History Museum

Address: Pokrovsk, European str., 22

Website: https://pokrovskmuseum.wordpress.com

Christian Orthodox Children's Educational Center for Children and Youth

Address: 85300, Donetsk region, Pokrovsk, Lazurnyi district, 61 A

Director: Oleg Tsipakov

Palace of Culture of PJSC "Pokrovske"

Address: 85300, Donetsk Region, Pokrovsk, Shibankov Square, 1


Phone: +380 (6239) 2-41-57

Orthodox Family Center "Crane"

Address: 85300, Donetsk region, Pokrovsk, Shakhtarsky district, 7-а

Phone: 06239 26111

"V. Komarov Club"

Address: 85300, Donetsk region, Pokrovsk, Kievska str., 123

Phone: +380501996496

e-mail: evgeniatokareva18@gmail.com

Head - Yevhenii Tokarev


"Shcherbak club"

Address: 85300, Donetsk region, Pokrovsk, Svoboda str., 93

Leader: Oksana Lazarenko

Phone: (06239) 2-82-41

e-mail: svetlana.kompaniets@ukr.net

Head - Svitlana Kompaniets


"The House of Folk Traditions of the suburb Shevchenko”

Address: 85316, Donetsk region, Pokrovsk, Shevchenko suburb, Tarana str. 5

Phone:. +380955029315

Email: cerednicenkonata0804@gmail.com

Head - Marina Lazareva


Art schools:

"Pokrovsk Musical School by N. Leontovych"

Address: 85300, Donetsk region, Pokrovsk, Poshtova str., b2

Director: Lyudmila Chervyakovska

Phones: Director - 2-16-54; Secretary - 2-16-55

email: myzshkola.pokrovsk@gmail.com


Rodynske Musical School”

Address: 85310, Donetsk region, Rodynske, Teatralna str.,25

Director: Lydia Kazakova

Phone: +380623940780

Email: podinckaua.myz@qmail.com



Central City Library by T. Shevchenko

Address: 85300, Donetsk region, Pokrovsk, European str., 22

Director  - Natalya Pylypenko

Phone: 0508350329, (06239) 2-09-86

e-mail: biblshev@i.ua


Central Children's Library by O. Teliga

Address: 85300, Donetsk region, Pokrovsk, Poshtova str. 12

Deputy Director - Olena Nevierova

Phone: (06239) 2-15-42

e-mail: bibchaildg@i.ua


Family Library Branch 4

Address: 85300, Donetsk region, Rodynske, Teatralna str., 17

Head  - Iryna Gaivoronskaya

Phone: (06239) 4-02-84

Email: library.rodinske@gmail.com


Children's Family Library Branch №5

Address: 85300, Donetsk region, Rodynske, Teatralna str., 14

Head  - Olena Poluyanchyk

Phone: (06239) 4-09-15

e-mail: l0501779049@gmail.com


Children's Library Branch №13

Address: 85300, Donetsk region, Pokrovsk  Primakova str., 4а

Head - Nadiya Yurasova

e-mail: library13.1990@gmail.com


Branch Library №14

Address: 85300, Donetsk region, city of Pokrovsk, Mr. Lazurny, 37а

Head – Natalia Kopylova

Phone: (06239) 52-54-04

e-mail: natahsul@ukr.net


Branch Library 15

Address: 85300, Donetsk region, city Pokrovsk, Pravda street, 4

Head - Inna Karabievskaya

e-mail: karabievskayainna@ukr.net

Places of rest:

Central Park

Address: Pokrovsk, Yuzhnyi district


Shakhtar Glory Alley

Address: Pokrovsk, Lazurnyi district


Soborny Square

Address: Pokrovsk, Myra ave.


 Shybankova Square

Address: Pokrovsk, Shybankova Square, Andryushchenko Boulevard, Dinasovyi Park.


Tourism and Travel:

Leontovych Monument, Shevchenko memorial sign, Monument to the liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster, The mass grave of Soviet soldiers, Brotherly grave of Soviet soldiers, The mass grave of Soviet soldiers and civilians, Monument on the mass grave "Tank T-34-85", Bust of Kirill Moskalenko, Memorial to the dead in Afghanistan.


Coal, metallurgical, machine-building, food and other industries are located in the city.

Two coal enterprises, 1 of which are non-state-owned, account for almost 91% of the city's total industrial output. PJSC “Mine Management “Pokrovske”and SE “Coal Company “Krasnolimanska” are one of the basic ones in the domestic fuel and energy complex, whose production capacity is about 6.8 million tons of coal per year. The balance reserves of coal of these enterprises (grades K, W) are about 500 million tons.


PJSC «Mine Management« Pokrovsk»


The main area of ??activity is underground coal mining. Commissioned in 1990. Design capacity 2.1 million tonnes/year. Coal production in 2012 exceeded 8 million tons. Together with the investor of JSC Donetskstal Metallurgical Plant, a comprehensive program for the development of the coal enterprise has been developed to complete the completion of reserves. Its implementation will allow at the expense of its own funds and attracting investments to increase production, save the enterprise and jobs.


State Enterprise "Coal Company" Krasnolimanska"


The mine was built and put into operation in 1958 with a projected capacity of 1,200 tonnes of coal per year. During the general downturn of production of the collective of the company it was possible, using advanced engineering - technical solutions, advanced technologies of coal production and new methods of organization of production, to bring Krasnolimanskaya into the top three coal - mining enterprises of Ukraine with high level of technical and economic indicators.


PJSC «Krasnoarmeysk Dinas Factory»


Stable working enterprise, equipped with high-performance equipment, the main activity of which is the production and sale of refractory dinas - an indispensable material for the erection of coke oven batteries, blast furnace heaters, open hearths, electric smelters, glass furnaces and other thermal units.


JSC "Pokrovsky Plant of Technological Equipment"


It was founded in 1952. The plant produces: belt conveyors of the L80, LT800, 2L100U type; PPL reloaders to the KSP-32 combine; roller supports to belt conveyors; pumps free-flowing cantilever type NSC; equipment for cable railway monorail type DMKL, DMKU; pipelines for degassing underground sections with a diameter of 800 mm; locking joints type AP3.030.



VIP CONCRETE LLC is a member of ASTOR Group of Companies, which is a leader in the production of concrete mixtures and reinforced concrete products. The production of concrete for the production of reinforced concrete products is carried out on the Italian equipment Moby mih-750. Reinforced concrete products are manufactured on the Dutch HUMARBO equipment, whose productivity is 10 thousand products per month.



Machine-building enterprise aimed at the production and development of new equipment for mining, processing, fuel, energy and metallurgical complexes.




The company is implementing the largest innovative project in the agricultural sector of the Ukrainian economy. It is the national leader in the production of chilled pork. Carries out a closed cycle of production: crop production, production of compound feeds, animal husbandry, meat processing and sale of meat products.

The city's food industry is represented by the Confectionery Factory LLC, which specializes in the production of flour confectionery, halva and sunflower oil.

The city has about 517 small businesses and about 3,127 individuals - entrepreneurs.

The city's retail network includes 858 stores with a floor space of 69,211.0 sq.m, and retail and retail network - 159 objects, 8 network trade objects.


Health care

Medical assistance to the population of Pokrovsk is provided in 6 health care institutions:

"Center of primary health care" of the Pokrovsk City Council of Donetsk region;
"Pokrovsk Central Regional Hospital (340 beds);
"Rodynske City Hospital" (30 beds);
"Pokrovsk City Hospital" (60 beds);
"Pokrovsk City Dental Polyclinic";
"Pokrovsk City Narcological Dispensary"

Social insurance


Department of Social Protection of the Population of the City Council

Address: 85300, Ukraine, Donetsk region, Pokrovsk, Poshtova str., 22

Head: Iryna Bonsyukh  

Email: uszn@pokrovsk-rada.gov.ua

Contact person: Valentyna Shapovalova

Phone: +380663739450


Pokrovsk Unified Center of the Pension Fund of Ukraine of  Donetsk region

Address: 85302, Pokrovsk, ul. Central, 154

Head of Department: Nelya Arzhavitina

Email: r81@dn.pfu.gov.ua

Phone: (0623) 52-12-11 Phone / Fax: (06239) 2-31-22


Pokrovsk City Employment Center

Address: Pokrovsk, Poshtova str., 3

Director: Mykola Tolmachov

Email: krasncz@ukr.net

Phone (06239) 2-14-08


Pokrovsk Center for Integrated Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities "Charity"

Address: 85300, Donetsk region, Pokrovsk, Poshtova str., 22

Head: Oksana Potapchuk

Email: miloserdie@pokrovsk-rada.gov.ua

Phone: +380664393254